Following the recommendations of the main public and private organizations and the most demanding standards in terms of protecting the environment and natural resources, all of us who are part of BDNConstrucción are committed to responsible management of natural resources.
Among others, BDNConstruction strengthens the following measures:


Improve the insulation of the homes to be built to take better advantage of the air conditioning system.

Perform regular revisions of the air conditioning systems to optimize energy consumption.

Keep vehicles and heavy machinery in good condition to avoid fuel overconsumption.

Organize and optimize the movement of machinery to save fuel.

Use renewable energies and take into account, when planning construction, new trends with bioclimatic criteria.


Install in the kitchens and bathrooms pressure limiting devices, diffusers and low consumption toilets, since they allow a correct cleaning with a lower consumption of water.

Optimize the use in road irrigation or curing of structures.

Clean the asphalted warehouse areas with mechanical sweepers to save water.

Create drainage systems for water collection.

Install water meters for production areas to identify the most consumed and correct water losses in the facilities.


Attend to the environmental variable in the supply, by choosing materials, products and suppliers with environmental certification.

Agree with the suppliers the reduction of packaging and the possibility of returning the remaining materials and packaging; thus, reuse will be favored. And use construction materials extracted from nearby areas.

Choose materials from renewable resources and obtained through processes that respect the environment.

Reuse debris and demolition materials.

Use paints and inks with natural components, avoiding those based on solvents and replacing them with others based on water.


Separate the waste and prepare a container for each type (urban, inert and dangerous), encouraging selective collection from the point of origin.

Condition areas for the temporary storage of waste to prevent spills, spills and mixtures of hazardous waste.

Perform the correct labeling of stored waste, indicating its degree of danger.

Carry out the transport and management of waste through authorized carriers and managers.

Control the emission of noise derived from the activity, both in the levels and in the schedules established by the regulations.


Assess possible disturbances on the landscape when planning the work, as well as the direct and indirect effects on flora and fauna.

Recover the vegetation layer after earth movements.

Avoid the compaction of soils.

Do not raise barriers that prevent the passage of wildlife.

Deposit construction and demolition waste in a controlled manner.

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