quality control

Our commitment to excellence can be recognized in the smallest details

In the field of architecture and urban infrastructures, we add value by always choosing the best. Choosing the best quality materials allows us to guarantee the highest durability and resistance as well as achieve better results from environmental respect and integration with the environment.

This process requires strict protocols that meet all the departments of our company, especially the Quality Control Department, which ensures that every detail of our work is in perfect condition.

Our commitment to quality is not confined to the raw materials used, and goes much further ensuring the best finishes in any of our buildings and works: doors or windows, plaster, paint, signage, electronics, ceramics, glass…

A commitment to excellence that can also be recognized in the smallest details because all the materials that we incorporate in our interventions are subject to the strictest quality controls.

This requirement also extends our suppliers. In fact, we work primarily with those who have the ISO 9001 and / or ISO 14001 certifications, which guarantee an optimal Business and Environmental Management System.

The strict selection control of suppliers and raw materials allows us to address any type of construction, even the most demanding from the technical point of view




We are working in collaboration with one of our leading architecture and engineering partners to obtain the Breeam stamp. It is the most prestigious sustainable construction certificate in the world, as it applies the technically more advanced method of sustainability assessment..

When built according to these parameters, energy consumption is reduced by 50 to 70%, water consumption by up to 40% less and maintenance costs by up to 8%.


In addition, measures are applied that result in substantial improvements in air quality, lighting and noise levels, or outdoor views that together with all the environmental benefits applied, make these homes much more comfortable.

Throughout Spain, and since 2010, only 550 buildings have achieved the Breeam certification. To date, only 2 residential buildings have achieved this in the city of Valencia.

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